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Our International Training Professionals facilitate custom CCaaS and UCaaS curriculum that focuses on content efficiency and customer experience. Find out how Go Live Trainers can help your business expand today.


Very good training, I feel it helped me to understand a lot. I appreciated the flow and ability to ask questions. I am very hands on and liked being able to do things myself.

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Jacob N.

CCaaS Administrator, USA

Our new system Training was clear and easy to understand, and we had plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The system looks much less intimidating and ultimately straightforward to use - looking forward to trying it out!

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Tara W. 

Contact Center Agent Supervisor, USA

Our Trainer was warm, speaks clearly and knows the subject matter well.
She is great with answering any questions that come up. 

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Tony C.

UC End User, USA

It was an excellent training - many thanks!

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Joerg S.

Contact Center Administrator, Germany

Helped us expand into regions that require additional languages that we could not train on our own. Always a solid partner and an important tool in our tool box! 

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Taylor M.

Partner, Telecommunications  

Provided an excellent trainer and was able to adjust the training layout based on our request. I appreciate her patience and her professionalism with all the interactions of the session.

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Eric C.

Contact Center Administrator, USA

Your Trainer was amazing- the training that was being presented was one we had already completed and we thought we were getting trained on SMS messaging. He was SUPER Flexible and quickly pivoted and showed us the information we needed. He answered questions, looked up items and let us practice. He is AWESOME!

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Kit A.S. 

Contact Center Administrator, USA

The Trainer did a great job answering all the questions, and made it feel very personal to the needs of our business. Sher showed how the features work and showed us how to use features and explained through showing how the application works i.e. recordings on calls. Great job

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Jardine J.

Contact Center Agent, LATAM

You guys were amazing and I love how you train!

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Patti F.

Contact Center Administrator, USA

You provided a very detailed and very thorough trainer, she kept the pace perfect while also allowing plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

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Holly R.

Contact Center Agent, USA

We enjoyed working with your Trainer. He kept the training very interactive and hands on for us which I enjoyed much more than sitting through a powerpoint and someone talking for 2 hours straight.

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Alyssa R

Contact Center Administrator, Canada

The trainer was knowledgeable, liked ability to view examples to questions, read chats to keep everyone engaged. Great job.

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Jasmine B

Unified Communications End User

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  • Contact Center Agent 
  • CC Reporting Basics
  • CC Analytics 

Unified Communications Courses
  • UC Administrator
  • UC End User Enabled
  • UC Console Training
  • Advanced Omni Channel
  • Basic Hand Set Training
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